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In the past few years, GOLD has proved to be probably the most consistent and best investment option. Other investments avenues like equity, MF, SIP's, PPF, FD, etc haven't been in a position to match the shine of GOLD. The return on GOLD investment during the past 4 years has existed 25%. Because of the high return and introduction of easy investment methods, people have been flocking to invest in Gold. Most typical ways to invest in Gold are highlighted below:


Most Indians still prefer the age old approach to buying GOLD by means of jewellery. Apart from to be the most easy form of buying Gold, this also provides a huge satisfaction to the female members of the family. Women love to possess more and more jewellery (can there be any husband who would dare to differ on this J). But the investment in Jewellery, in my view, is not the best option. Firstly you will find making charges(around 10-20%) when you purchase gold jewellery which is completely lost while selling the jewellery. Also at the time of selling the gold jewellery you will find deductions on account of purity, degradation like deterioration, damage etc. So one never gets the full worth of his Gold while selling. Again ensuring safety of jewellery in your own home is itself a task.

Gold Coins/Bars

These days almost all banks and Gold merchants sell gold coins that are 99.99% pure and therefore are certified by Standard Agencies like Hallmark. Hence the problem of searching pure gold is nearly a thing of history. Apart these coins are available in really small denominations like 2 gm, 5 gm, 10gm, 25gm, etc. So anyone with a low budget could invest in Gold coins. Though these coins not to have the making charges, but then while selling them these are purchased at a reduced price. So though unlike jewellery there is no loss of making charges which however one still do not get 100% worth of his Gold at the time of selling.

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Gold ETF is purchasing Gold in Demat Format. This in my view has got the biggest advantage that certain doesn't get the receiving the physical Gold, hence no problem of securing your purchased Gold. Also Gold could be purchased in small units. One could hold his gold in demat account till he desires. There's only a small maintenance and brokerage charges around the Demat account, which means this in my view is the easiest and cheapest form of purchasing Gold. Also one could sold his gold anytime in the selling price of this particular moment. There are no deductions and one gets almost the full value for his money while selling it.

Gold Funds/Bonds

There is numerous Gold Funds or MF's to invest. These bonds invest the cash only within the bullion market and are managed by Professional Experts. Therefore if one don't have time or expertise to deal directly with the fluctuations from the gold market he could still invest via these bonds. However most of these bonds have entry and/or exit fees and also have a certain lock in period. So this type of investment is really a long period investment. An additional advantage is the fact that these funds gives the ease to invest via SIP's. So one could purchase Gold in small amounts on the long time.
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