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1. Tweet about things you're passionate about in everyday life and employ #hash tags to tag them. Content that's high quality and very easy to find is a sure fire way to get more people following that which you are saying. You can include as numerous #hash tags as you desire.

2. Show your followers what it means to "ReTweet" and try encouraging them to retweet your tweets and links often. The advantages of ReTweeting are it pushes your username into many different tweet streams meaning you receive more clicks coming straight back to your profile. You can track your ReTweets having a service like retweetist and your links with TweetMeme.

3. Make sure there is a complete biography filled out. Some of the people that come for your profile won't know what you are and if you are able to tell just a little about yourself within a few lines, it'll encourage them to add you.

4. Share links for your Twitter account as often as you possibly can - I personally have a link to my Twitter on my small Google profile, my blog, LinkedIn, my email signature and everywhere else that I have some sort of presence online. The greater possibilities to give individuals to add you, the greater chance you have of bringing more followers in.

5. Use TwitterCounter to obtain statistics how lots of people have been following you and the number of you will probably add you over the next 3 days. It is a great resource and so is Qwitter - which notifys you as soon as someone has unfollowed you. If you've recently started talking about a particular topic these tools can give you an ideal about how popular which are.

6. Reply to your followers - they're interested in that which you have to say. If your followers want to get active in the discussion, encourage it by talking back to them. This will bring you brownie points with potential new followers who wish to also get in on the conversation and you can find them adding you.

7. Don't be shy to obtain involved with Trending Topics (through #hash tags). Lots of users keep an eye on the tweets that mention them and it's a great chance to get in touch with Tweeters who discuss a variety of topics you're into. Sure you are able to sometimes run into obscure topics, but sometimes there are also some pretty interesting ones to go for.

8. Take the account into the Real World - If you've got a company card, articles, a letterhead or other kind of print medium visiting people, make sure you mention your Twitter account inside. If you're at a talk, presenting in a conference or maybe even seeing a business meeting, you can always try to get more followers simply by mentioning the address to your profile. Social Media

9. Get your friends to recommend you and take part in Follow Friday - Follow Friday (similar to Music Monday) has turned into a tradition on Twitter and it is an excellent chance of you to give a nod to tweeters you'd like to recommend. The best part of the is that in many cases, they'll recommend you back only for mentioning them!

10. Treat your Twitter Profile as if you would every other website or blog - The primary source of visitors to the majority of my blogs is actually..Twitter. Each time I create a new article, I post a link in a tweet and tell people why they ought to take a look. There's a huge amount of wealth you will gain by treating twitter like you would your own website also it deserves to have interest to the amount of traffic it gets. If you are accustomed to using AdWords for the site..why don't you point several keywords or Ads toward your Twitter account too? It can't help to possess a few more people add you, would it?
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